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Decorate your tank to your own specifications

You want your tank to look different from every other one you see. Your aquarium is a reflection of you and something you like to show off to your friends and family. We can help you decide what to add for that custom look.


Come in and browse our wide selection of materials and other supplies.

Our owners have over 45 years of experience in running successful tanks. If you ever have any problems, we are happy to help.

Not only do aquatic plants look nice in your

tank, they are also beneficial for the overall

health of your aquarium. If you are hesitant

about keeping your foliage alive, Scott has been growing and hybridizing water lilies for the past 10 years and is eager to share with you his knowledge on the subject.


If you are looking for other cleaning agents, food, or artificial decorations, we carry a wide variety of those as well. Take advantage of our affordable rates.

Grow real aquatic plants

• Marineland

• Aquatop

• Hikari

• Innovative Marine

• Maximum Bully

Find all of your favorite top brands

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